Easter fun… and disasters!

Easter morning started out bright and early for us–we were headed to Port Charlotte! That’s located about 3 hrs from us.


This was the only good part to my morning… a delicious green smoothie! After that smoothie… it wasn’t pretty. Let me tell you about how to NOT have fun on Easter when travelling. First, as a lady, you need to make sure that Easter Sunday is also the first day of your cycle. I mean really, how else will you enjoy the long long car ride if you don’t have raging cramps and need to pee every 10 minutes!?

Second, make sure you stop for gas at the crappiest, shadiest, dirtiest spots possible. If you’re lucky, like we were, there will only be two stations at your exit and the first one will only be able to accept cash. Then when you make it over to the second station you’ll learn the price was for cash only (even though it’s the going price in the area at 3.95) and you’ll get to pay 4.07/gal instead!

Finally, when you’re almost there but dying for a coffee and any junk food to really keep you going, make sure the chaffed skin from your run the morning before decides to get really irriated so that just getting in and out of the car is pain enough.

And that my friends, is how to have a horrible start to a beautiful day 🙂

At least this was waiting for me when we finally got to the mother-in-law’s house!


I also went for a very short and VERY hot afternoon run before calling it quits and heading back home. I needed a nap! 20120414-094207.jpg
I’m smiling but only for show

Hope everyone had a better Easter than I did!


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