HIIT and run!

Since Erica and I have been working out together I’ve experienced a lot of discomfort! I gotta say, I love it. I have certainly realized that I was not pushing myself when working out alone and working out with someone else is exactly what I need.

Chris has decided that we’re going to start doing some HIIT workouts.

That’s High Intensity Interval Training for those of you that live under a rock and yes, I did just recently crawl out from under mine so you’re not alone.

We just started and each week we’re going to up our level of activity. We complete 15 intervals of 15 seconds at 110% and then walk at a quick pace for 30-45seconds. Honestly, it’s worse than just running right through!

Today I did the workout with the Husband (he walked behind for support) and it was AWFUL! I got a side cramp that wouldn’t go away and I’m dealing with the awful reality that I get shin splints (working on compression sleeves for that!) but I did it and I finished it. I felt like a rockstar!



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