Best Race Ever

If you read part of my running story here then it’s about time you learn the rest.

Last year I signed up for two 5K’s… I was so excited, I knew I’d be back to running in no time. Then I had to have a surgery. Then that Dr. messed up my surgery and I needed to have another surgery to fix it. And then… another… yes… three surgeries in one year. None of them were expected or planned and I really didn’t get to do anything (at one point I was told don’t go to work, don’t walk, do nothing!).

So, about a month or two ago I signed up for the Orange Blossom Trail Half Marathon and 5K. I kept hitting the pavement and I knew it was time to be serious. No more set backs (crossing fingers!) and no more regrets.

The race was amazing! Actually, I thought I was going to die at one point. Sunday morning I woke up around 5 am to pouring rain–and a freezing temperature drop!

We got to the park where the race was starting around 7:10 am and waited… and waited… and waited!


The storm caused a delay in setting up and the wind was so strong cones were falling over and signs were falling down.


Finally we started the race around 8am! It was so exciting! the course was beautiful!


I ran nice and strong all the way to the half way point and then made my turn… it was AWFUL! The wind was so strong (the husband told me it was 30-35 MPH wind gusts) and so cold (wind chill in the 30’s!) that I thought I would die. I could barely run so I mostly walked that mile and a half. All the time I got such a bad tension headache that my right eye just wouldn’t stop watering. Then I finally saw the guys waving us to the finish line–There was a light at the end of the tunnel! I started running faster and faster, I just couldn’t stop! The announcer was calling out our names and of course, he mispronounced mine so I shouted out my correct name and he said into the microphone “Ladies and Gentlemen! Check out this excitement! I love this Lady!”

Everyone cheered and I felt so amazing. I finally did my run and it felt like heaven. Sweet running heaven!




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