Run with it!

Running is NOT a new thing for me. In high school I would run all the time. It let off stress, kept me slim, let me zone out. It was the perfect combination.

In high school I had such grand plans. Join the Navy, become a pilot, live a fabulous life with structure, direction, plans, goals. It was my dream. Then I was thrown from my horse, broke my back, threw a multi-year pity party. Not to act like it was no big deal–at one point I wasn’t healing properly and lost all control and movement in my lower body. Scary, right? However, I should have just gotten over it and moved on. So, I kinda of did. After gaining about 30 pounds it was time for me to go to college. I started going to the gym while I was there (heck, it was free!) and there I found my love again. I used to climb onto a treadmill, ramp up the incline and just run and run. It was great.

So, now in my life, I’m back. I did my run/walk yesterday and it was amazing. It was what I remember it always being. In fact, it was one of my best runs ever. My average run pace was 11:38–I couldn’t believe that!I used to run an average 10 min/mile and now I expect myself to be much much slower. In fact, I’ve been averaging 12-13 min/miles so to see a number THAT low for me this early in my training. And I was fine at the end of my run, I really really needed my cool down walk but I was fine. In fact, I am so looking forward to tomorrow morning (my next run) it makes me nearly giddy!

In other news, you are going to start seeing more food around here. I am horrible at tracking my meals so I’m going to start snapping a picture of everything I eat. I forgot so far today but tomorrow morning will start the new trend. Let’s hope it helps me really find where I am going wrong!


One thought on “Run with it!

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