The perfect jacket!

When I was in Tampa, Donelle and I stopped at Old Navy. If you go into any Old Navy right now you will see that they have a huge sale going on right now! I was so excited to find a killer leather jacket on the clearance rack-only to find out it was not on clearance it was brand new! (insert sad face here!)

As we were walking around the store Donelle reminded me that I had a gift card at home for Old Navy! I was so exited I knew I could just go run and run to my local Old Navy the next day and get the jacket. So this morning I grab the husband and we drive over to Winter Garden Village and they are sold out!! How awful!mIt then became a hunt-after being on hold forever with Millenia Mall my husband called a different store and within 5 minutes they had one on hold for me! Yay!!

Since we were driving to Orlando we decided to stop at Lombardi’s Seafood Market! Another sad ending-they are usually open on Sundays but closed today for the new year!

We dragged ourselves home and got to enjoying the rest of our day. That included lounging on the couch and cleaning out the closet! More to come later!



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