First resolution-done!

I know, I know, already!! I had a new years resolution that I would organize my closet and today I was motivated so I went with it!

I didn’t take before pictures- trust me, it was bad!

I decided to make some dividers using old coasters and labeled each portion of my closet.

Then I folded all the sheets and pillowcases and put them into baskets to make it easier to find and grab.

I also took the time to organize all of my shorts and pants. I don’t use a dresser- never saw the point in buying one that would just be shoved in the closet! Instead I use a bookcase and Rubbermaid containers. I also used some pretty paper to disguise what’s inside them!


(sorry about the flash-it’s a closet at night)


That’s it! One resolution done! Already a great new year!


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