Wonderful New Year Weekend!

This weekend was a blast. Hello 2012!!


I was blessed to be off on both Friday and Monday at work so that meant plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself.

Friday was spent cleaning the house and doing some laundry- I know, I know, you guys had no idea I was so exciting! Don’t worry though, Saturday totally rocked.

I drove out to Tampa to see my best friend, Donelle! We started out our time together with lunch at PF Changs. It was delish! We ordered the vegetarian lettuce wraps and edamame. I really love edamame, I know it’s just beans but a salty delicious bean snack! I will take them over salty chips any day! I then ordered the seared ahi tuna for my main meal-I’ve been ordering tuna a lot lately and it is always the perfect meal-just the right size and no extra sides you don’t need!


We then headed out to do some damage shopping. I really wish I had taken more pictures, but Donelle doesn’t like her photo being taken, haha–bad thing when your friend is a photo nerd!

We stopped at Old Navy (more on that later!), Charming Charlie’s (where i got my awesome new wallet and the wonderful glasses you see on Donelle and myself above), Banana Republic (where I decided that when I get my new wardrobe Donelle would help me since she knows all the great clothing tips and tricks). I found some awesome sparkly shoes and a not so awesome hat but a really great wallet!




Our final stop was the wonderful Pinkberry! This was my first time getting to go to Pinkberry and I loved it! I had the peppermint yogurt with white chocolate shavings and chocolate drizzle.


I was really upset that our day was almost over. However, first we needed to exchange our Christmas presents! Donelle is amazing and gets the best gifts every time, this year was no different. She just knows me so well!

This year she got me the cake pop kit and a donut maker! Plus an adorable “A” necklace- I love it all!! I’m just so glad to see her and were already planning to visit again for my birthday at the end of January!


She said she felt a little bad-here I was being healthy and she gets me stuff to bake with but lets be honest, baking will always be a big part of my life! Heck I want to be a bakery owner!! I believe that healthy eating can fit with that.

Here is to a wonderful 2012!!


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