New rules of fitness and life…. For me!

Next week is going to bring a new beginning for me to life. Yes, I know the new year doesn’t actually start until the week after next but I’m never patient enough for waiting. I’m totally geared up and pumped to be doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women and working on my running program.

This past year has been tough…. A rough marriage (the first couple years really are the hardest btw) and three surgeries have really set me back from where I thought I would be by now but I won’t let 2012 get me down. It’s a new me and I’m going to start taking more control of my life.

So I figured why not start with some resolutions!


1) Get Fit. This is pretty straightforward but very important to me.
2) Run a 10K. Yep, I will start with a 5K but I’m ready to join the big boys
3) Complete the NROLW. 6 months to an awesome toned body? I can’t wait!
4) Get my bakery business really going and to a place where it makes a name for itself.
5) Focus on my friendships and work out my relationships. This one will be complicated but hopefully will work itself out.

That’s it… That is what I’m prepping for and getting ready for in the next year. Up next-the plan for success!


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